Just How Important are Building Inspections?

In Australia there are a host of obligatory factors involved when selling a home and some of these include having the correct building inspections. It’s not just selling a home that can require these types of evaluations (for either the buyer or the seller), but when having one built as well. Depending on the region, you might find yourself needing to invest in a stage inspection (one that takes place throughout the build), or a general dilapidation inspection (if you are having any work done on your property).

But that doesn’t answer just how important these types of property inspections actually are and why they are so highly recommended by the experts.

What is all the fuss about?

Imagine viewing a property, loving its functionality and then considering going to auction to place a bid to buy it, only to find that the wallpaper was masking a potentially dangerous flaw in the structure, or that another issue makes itself known once the sale goes through.

And now consider that you’ve hired a construction company to add an extension to your property, only to find that one of the new walls encroach on someone else’s land – or worse still, cause damage to your own or a neighbour’s property.

This is why it’s so important to hire an inspector to ensure that A) the property is safe and secure and B) that any works being carried out on it are viable and as expected.

Without the aid of an inspection, things can go wrong and issues can be overlooked entirely; that is until it’s too late. Furthermore, some sales can only go through if certain inspection reports are obtained – and without the right types of documentation, building permits might not be issued and any work done could well be considered illegal in the wrong circumstances.